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 how to earn Duel points. Everyone read!

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PostSubject: how to earn Duel points. Everyone read!   Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:58 am

We will have academy homework, tournaments, and wars. to earn dp in them you must complete the homework to the teacher's satisfaction. as for the tournaments you have to win the tournament to get the Dp prize. and the wars depending on if they are within the academy the dorm that wins will get a prize as long as they participate. if it is a war of academy's and if our academy wins, the ones who participate will get a prize as well.

Dp can be used to buy deck recipes from the deck shops, and graphics from the GFX shop. we may have other ways to use dp later on, but that is all we have at the moment.
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how to earn Duel points. Everyone read!
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